Contingency Planning for Small Businesses

July 15, 2013

There have been quite a few apocalyptic-themed movies released lately, from “This Is The End” to “World War Z” to “Rapture-Palooza.” This got me to thinking: Would my business be prepared for a (business) apocalypse? […]

5 Financial Tips for Starting a Small Business

April 25, 2013

Starting a small business can be a thrilling endeavor, and will hopefully be a positive experience for you. The stability of a business can be maintained by smart financial decisions that are made before you […]

How To Independently Value A Business

April 11, 2013

An independent business valuation intends to establish the fair market value of a business. Basically, there are three core methods to value a business based on income, assets or market comparison. A professional business appraiser […]

Why Cloud Accounting Will Help Your Small Business

April 5, 2013

A recent survey by CBeyond revealed that cloud computing is gaining popularity among small to medium-sized business leaders. Of the 435 respondents who owned or managed an SMB, most cloud adopters reported significant advantages to […]

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