Photo Bomb in the Shark Tank (Ep. 65)

May 29, 2013

Shelly Ehler, who pitched her business, Show No Towel on Shark Tank, joins Carissa on the live show. Shelly gives her tips on applying to Shark Tank and also talks about her other business. Bonus […]

5 Innovative Promotional Products to Leverage Your Brand

May 23, 2013

With growing cutthroat market competition everywhere, it is becoming very difficult to keep customer attention from straying to other, competing brands. A proven technique to gain customer attention and turn that attention into profitable business […]

How to Generate Local Traffic for Your Blog

May 22, 2013

Most small businesses work with customers in a specific geographic location. They don’t have e-stores or any way to do business with people who can’t enter their physical location. Yet most of the advice you’ll […]

Roger Sullivan of Wired Waffles! (Ep. 64)

May 21, 2013

Roger Sullivan, who pitched his business, Wired Waffles, on Shark Tank, joins Carissa live in the studio! Roger discusses his experience before, during and after appearing on Shark Tank – and a few things you […]

Live Tonight: Roger Sullivan of Wired Waffles

May 21, 2013

Roger Sullivan, the head mudslinger at Wired Waffles, will join Carissa live, and in the studio tonight! Roger pitched his company, Wired Waffles, on Shark Tank, and has recently been in the news quite a […]

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