5 Innovative Promotional Products to Leverage Your Brand

With growing cutthroat market competition everywhere, it is becoming very difficult to keep customer attention from straying to other, competing brands. A proven technique to gain customer attention and turn that attention into profitable business is through promotional products.

Any business can use these promotional products to make their presence felt among their customers. The ideal approach is to use a promotional product that is in line with the existing business. But it may not be possible for a business that is focused on selling only computers and laptops. In this kind of scenario where the business involves huge products, they can gift miniatures or other promotional products that are reminiscent of the original product of their business.

Here are few promotional gift items that can help the business gain a good reputation among the customers. These products will not only please your customers, but also increase brand awareness in the market generally.

1. Tee shirts: The most-often used promotional product ever is the tee shirt. Don’t print the whole brand name on it; many people do not like to wear shirts bearing a brand name. The best way of presenting a promotional tee shirt is to have the brand logo embossed. Another way is to display a funny quote written on it in such a way that the brand name appears somewhere and highlighted.

2. Wall clocks: To represent the brand name, have the brand name recorded and played as an hourly reminder. This is another innovative way in which people who receive the gift will remember the brand, in a way that will also attract visitors.

3. Key Chains: This may seem to be very ordinary and routine promotional product but one can make it very innovative with great ideas. If a brand is all about making photo frames, then they could give key chains with a small photo frame tied along with it. A lighting sourcing company may give these key chains with a small LED light in a creative design. A dog seller might tie a small toy puppy to the key chain. There are many creative ways of representing the brand in the promotional product that is being gifted.

4. Pens: Many brands use pens with their brand name embossed on them. To differentiate your pen gift, choose a different pen, which contains ink that is readable only under sun or when the paper is dampened. There are few chemical combinations that can be added to the ink, resulting in a different color.

5. Mugs: Instead of a regular coffee mug, one can gift mugs with a small photo frame where the picture is changeable. Another option is one where the coffee mug color changes depending on the heat of the coffee.

By adding a touch of creative thinking, one can make any ordinary promotional product into an innovative one that will be remembered and discussed for a longer time.

Tim has been blogging about branding and marketing strategies for over 4 years at Custom Gear (https://customgear.com.au/). He has written numerous articles on promotional merchandise, brand positioning and advertising strategies. Tim has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and several years experience in the industry.

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  1. I think out of all of them the pens are still the ones I enjoy getting the most. They’re useful. I’m always losing pens. And they don’t have to be anything special. Plus, pens are really really cost-effective for the person running the promo. Coffee mugs are my second favorite, but I prefer just plain old coffee mugs. I got one of the color changing ones once, and found out that it wasn’t entirely safe to drink my coffee out of or run in the dish washer, thus defeating the purpose!

  2. It’s true that these five products are a key tool for promotion of business and brands, as they can be distributed at an economical cost in sporting events.

  3. These are some amazing and different promotional gift ideas, and I think my favorite is the mug and different ways to go about it. People love their coffee! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I am searching for business promotional products and get this article. All the above mention products are really good and people can use them in routine life. I also think that a power bank is also a good option for promotional products. Thank you for sharing the article.

  5. These are very impressive and easily available promotional products. We can attract outside audience by using these products and moreover when we gift such kind of products to our employees they feel more attached with the Brand and Company. Thank you for sharing this great post.

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