Random Acts of Kindness Small Business Profile

Random Acts of Kindness

Founder: Connie Berg
Website: http://rakduvall.com
Twitter: @ConnieBerg2

Connie Berg, founder of our local “Random Acts of Kindness” appeared on the Small Businesses Do It Better Show, episode 5 (watch the show on Ovaleye.tv) on Business and Community Random Acts of Kindness.

Q) Tell us how you were inspired to start RAK.

A few years ago our area had a major windstorm that knocked out power for many days. I saw how this affected the local small businesses and their sales really suffered. I called the mayor of Duvall, who supported my efforts to bring awareness to all of these businesses. We started RAK week and not only did it help the businesses with revenue, but it brought community awareness to supporting our local businesses.

Q) Explain the agenda/events for the RAK week, how it helps businesses and brings the community together.

We start out by posting signs and flyers all over town, sidewalks, posts, business doors, roadside, everywhere. There are many different pieces to the RAK week, one night is “dine out in duvall” where we encourage residents to all eat out in one night. The restaurants get very busy, but it really boosts community engagement with the restaurants and boosts the business morale. We do things like business spotlights, honk as you drive by your favorite business, shop til you drop, say thank you, and many others.

Q) RAK can be an everyday thing, “randomly decide that today is the day you are consciously going to be kind to someone” (as you say on your site), what are a few ideas that people can randomly show kindness?

There are many ways to pay it forward with kindness and as easy as smiling and saying hello. You can buy coffee for someone behind you, donate to a food bank, take the time to say thank you. (find more ideas on rakduvall.com)

Q) Tell us about your RAK cards, which are available to download on your website.

I put together a sheet of cards that you can easily download, print, cut out and give to people. It’s a small gesture to show others you care, are thinking of them or would like to show your appreciation.

Watch the full episode of “Business and Community Random Acts of Kindness” on the Small Businesses Do It Better Show, including all of the links and resources mentioned, at watch the show here on Ovaleye.tv

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