10 Ways to Go Paperless

IMG_0925It’s time to go green if you haven’t yet. Paper is out and digital is in. Go paperless in your home in your business or your home office. 2014 will be the year for you to cut your expenses, automate your process and digitalize your life. Easy, fast and cost effective. Here are some ways to start at home or at your office:

1) Digital signing

Remember the time you printed a contract, signed it, scanned it and email it? Well these times are over with digital signature solutions. Sign anywhere anytime and on any device with your own personal digital signature. You can sign PDF’s, Word, Excel and may more file formats with a click of the button.

2) Electronic Statements

Sign up for electronic statements for your bank account, insurance policies and any bills you pay like cable TV, Smartphone bills, credit cards statements and more. Now, after you signed up view these statements online rather than receiving hard copies in the mail.

3) Junk mail be gone

Use www dot optoutprescreen dot com and halt all the credit card and insurance offers you get in the mail. Opting out from these offers are well supported and even advised by several government offices.

4) Read it digitized

Do you love books, newspaper and magazines? Read them all on your tablet. You can read and use your tablet anywhere you want and read on the go. Save your unfinished articles or delete them with the swipe of your finger.

5) Ewallet your cash

Digitize your entire wallet and leave your plastic credit cards at home. There are many apps and digital solutions that stores your credit card and membership information all in one app, this allows you to go wallet free and keep your information safe and secure elsewhere.

6) Mail To fax

Start today! Make your computer a fax machine and send electronic faxes without ever hitting the print button. You can use many mail to fax extensions on the market today to transform your mail client into a fax and by that sending and receiving faxes from your pc or tablet with ease and comfort.

7) Electronic boarding pass

Traveling by air? Don’t print your E-ticket so fast. You can download the Smartphone app for your desired airline, and forget the boarding pass print out when you travel. Most carriers from different countries around the world offer the option of simply scanning a barcode with a QR code scanner on your phone when checking in for your flight.

8) Check again your paperless billing

Double check that your paperless billing option is truly paperless – are you still getting those annoying “This is not a bill” statements each month? Contact your service provider and request that all correspondence be electronic only.

9) No pens, No worries.

Do you own a business? Begin by removing all the pencils and pens from your workspace, and while you’re at it, cut and through all notebooks and pads away as well! If there is no paper around your business and workers, they’ll be forced to write notes, appointments and ideas within the digital application of your choice.

10) Do you remember the library?

If your Note just isn’t cutting it, well go paperless and visit your local library. You’ll get to enjoy the weight of real books in your hands, the smell of knowledge and all this while mother earth will enjoy a greener planet.

Chen Furstenberg is the new media manager at ComaignTrust, a well established startup in the digital signature industry. Connect with Chen via LinkedIn.

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