Scary Realities Small Businesses Face By Sitting All Day

Throughout your life, you have likely been told to exercise and eat right in order to be healthy. But even when you work out on a regular basis and focus on consuming healthier foods, you may still be harming your body.

Sitting for long periods of time is one of the worst things a person can do for their health. Yet, as a small business owner or entrepreneur, it is common to plant your seat in a chair for hours on end to do what it takes to grow your business. This can have more severe side effects than many people realize.

Numerous studies have found that sitting for long periods of time can do more than just contribute to weight gain and metabolic disorders. It can also shave time off your life span. Being sedentary for too long can also put you at greater risk for dementia later on in life.

For many professionals, sitting is a necessary evil. After all, there is a lot that must get done, and you have to be at your desk to do it. But with just a few small changes, you can sit less and feel better all while propelling your business forward.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create a Workout Schedule

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are busy. Your schedule fills up quickly with appointments, tasks and projects. One project that should never be missing from your schedule is your health.

Schedule regular workout sessions in just as you would any other meeting. Attend a class, or make an appointment to meet up with a friend to go for a run. Planning ahead makes it easier for you to block out time to work out.This way, you do not have any excuses for not getting your exercise in on a regular basis.

And don’t stress if you cannot get in an intense workout every day. Even moderate exercise can have a profound impact on your health.

Recover From Your Workout At Work

Sitting for long periods of time puts you at risk of cardiovascular or metabolic diseases. Studies show that working out a few times a week is not enough to fend off diseases. To be healthy, you must remain active even after your exercise routine.

One way professionals can do this is with an exercise desk. Walking while at work at a slow and steady pace can improve your health, help you recover from your workouts, and keep you productive all at once. When you walk only one to two miles per hour, you walk at a slow enough pace to be able to perform normal tasks on the computer, such as typing and clicking the mouse. This keeps your body moving and active so that you lower your risk of heart disease and obesity.

Get on Your Feet

For some, walking on a treadmill while at work may not be possible. Even without walking, standing at your desk instead of sitting is still a healthier option.

Get on your feet and out of your chair whenever possible. If you have a conference call, try standing instead of sitting. If you have a meeting, do it standing instead of having everyone sit around a conference room table. Better yet, work while standing by adjusting your workstation to allow you to stand up instead of sit. This can be done with a stand up desk allowing you to change from standing to sitting regularly throughout the workday.

With the amount of technology and ergonomic office furniture available today, the excuse that a professional must sit in order to get work done is no longer valid. To be healthier and dramatically lower your risk of a shorter life-span, try these options to see the difference it makes in your health. What else do you do to avoid sitting for too long throughout the workday?
Kimberly CrosslandKimberly Crossland, CEO of The Savvy Copywriter, is a small business owner with a passion for healthy living. She frequently blogs on the tricks she learns in her small business ventures. Click here to learn how you can stay healthier in your office as a business owner.
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