Small Business Owners and Big Business


Are you protecting yourself against something that is out of your control? The Wall Street Journal raised an important point in light of the NBA lockout. Do you rely on a particular season to carry you through the year. Whether it be Christmas, summer, or basketball over half of your year could be riding on the chance that one particular event doesn’t go overlooked. On the other hand, if you are relying on big business like the NBA to run as usual, what are you doing to protect yourself on the chance that it does not.

A battle over how players and team owners will split the league’s $4 billion in annual revenue, which led to the suspension of exhibition and regular-season games through at least Nov. 14, is bringing collateral damage to a range of businesses counting on professional basketball events to survive, including caterers, bars, stores, parking lots—and even the self-employed masseurs who tend to players.

When you put all of your bets on someone or an organization that is driven by its own profit, the likelihood that you will be considered in the mix of their decisions when you don’t directly contribute is slim.

The View has been kidding around with this subject asking that the NBA get back to work with Sherri Shepard and Elisabeth Hasselbeck asking their guest to play bad basketball with them until the lockout is over. The announcer remarks, “Come on guys, we disagree everyday here, but we still put on a show.”

Read the WSJ article here: NBA Lockout Presses Small-Business Owners – In the meantime, what is your backup plan?

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