Smart Merchandising Ideas for Small Shops

Lunchables Interactive Touchscreen Photo Display with Feeding America - Union Square - NYCWhen your customer walks into your store, they are going to form an impression within 10 seconds, and the sense that will overwhelmingly dictate that impression is sight. When a customer walks into your store, you need to impress them visually so they’ll get a good impression and make a purchase. It’s easier said than done.

If you have a small store, visual merchandising can become even more difficult. Depending on what you sell, you may need to get very creative and work very hard to come up with displays and layouts that will attract buyers. Here are some smart merchandising ideas for small shops.

Use Vertical Space

Placing products at eye level is most effective, but in a small store, you only have so much horizontal space at that height. In order to display more merchandise, you need to make use of the vertical space in your store, too. If you have items worth displaying, place them higher up on the wall. Just make sure, however, that it’s easy for customers to get the items that are being displayed out-of-reach. If vertically-displayed items aren’t within grabs, it’s a lot less likely that a customer will end up purchasing them, and it’s also just inconvenient for them.

Use the Right Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in any store, but especially in a small store. Many shop owners overlook this aspect of merchandising. Providing good lighting is essential for highlighting displays in your store and for opening up the room. Darkened corners, for example, will cut down the space of your store even more, because customers won’t be drawn to them. Use spotlights to highlight displays, and make sure lighting is bright but not too bright or harsh.

Use Color

Color attracts customers, so make sure to use color in your merchandising and displays. Don’t be afraid to be bold and bright. Color will make your small store more exciting. It will make it pop and stand out. It will draw your customers’ eyes. Use color throughout your store, and it can help move your customers’ attention to all your different displays.

Create a Theme

A theme is very important for a small store. You have limited space to portray your business to your customers, so you want to make sure that your shop has a cohesive, clear theme. Focusing on a theme will help you make an impression on customers about your brand. Giving your shop a clear purpose will help avoid a cluttered feeling that can sometimes occur.

Create a Demo Display

If it’s appropriate for your store, a display that gives a demonstration of a product or allows customers to test a product is a great way to generate buzz and encourage sales. In a small store, making room for something like this might seem difficult, but it’s important and effective. Provide customers with a designated area where they can learn more and experience things for themselves, and it will help them realize that the size of your store doesn’t reflect its quality.

Written by Jose Contreras with the help of Icon ID a group focused on merchandising, rebranding and store design, view Icon’s services here. Image courtesy David Berkowitz.

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