5 Practical Uses of Live Video for Small Business

business peopleYou’ve heard of live webcasting events, maybe even watched or participated in one in the past. Live, online events build community, buzz, and when done right help you reach your objective in a fast and effective manner.

As we’ve been building out the Ovaleye TV streaming platform and producing shows like Small Businesses Do it Better I am constantly amazed by the power we all have today through live, online video. My son is two years old; he has watched the first part of his Grammy’s live show and began to have a conversation with her. Think about it– what is the difference to him between a Skype call, her live show, and even watching a video on Netflix to him? My son even calls the computer a TV. The lines of traditional television are blurring and you should be taking advantage of it.

How can you incorporate live video in your business to boost your awareness and sell your goods? Here are 5 uses to start thinking about today:

Host a flash sale

Pool your resources and host an online sale event with members of your local Chamber, friends in your Facebook Group, or your Etsy partners. Think of it as an virtual version of QVC and you are the owners! Share the cost of streaming and bring together your individual audiences to amplify the event.

Like with any good live show, pull in multimedia to demonstrate your products and make it easy for viewers to take advantage of the sale then and there.

Build community

If you’re a blogger, create an online party, pulling in your sponsor to provide your followers with an experience. Not only will they be connected with you and your sponsor in a memorable way, but they will also get to meet one another.

One of the best ways to grow community is to provide the platform that creates the ability for like minded individuals to communicate with one another. Your blog will grow and your sponsor will love you for providing them with a non-intrusive, entertaining way for reaching your followers.

Debut or launching

Debut a new video you recently recorded or create an online, live party around the launch of your new ebook or program. Have a spring collection coming out soon? Show off your new pieces.

Giveaways are always a hit at live, online events. By hosting a giveaway you provide people with incentive to show up live and you also give them more reason to share what you are talking about. Don’t forget to provide your viewers with plenty of calls to action too!

Scale a class or coaching group

If you are a solopreneur or consultant, scale your class environment by creating a pay-per-view environment live webcast.

Create an experience that is tailor made for your program by choosing a live webcast over a webinar setting. Have the video playback on your domain and allow your students to interact with one another. Record the videos and make them available to your members, or at a premium price.

Create content that is effective

If you are a podcaster take each show, or even a select few live. Just like in traditional television you are giving your audience a date and time to make an appointment for viewing your video. This creates buzz leading up to, during, and after your live webcast when your audience is tweeting and updating their Facebook status with how awesome your show was.

Want to find out how you can actually implement one of these ways to use live streaming in your business?
Join me for our live webcast on “How to Launch Your Program with a Webcast,” January 10th at 11am PST/2pm EST. Sign up at live.ovaleye.tv, or book time with me to talk through your options one on one over the phone here.

As you’ve probably seen with Carissa’s weekly show, live online events have impact and are a great piece of content to have for repurposing later. Start getting your creativity flowing when it comes to creating live virtual events for your business. Don’t be left in the dust.

jennifer donogh, ovaleye tvJennifer Donogh is an owner and President of Ovaleye.tv producing live, online events using Ovaleye’s streaming media engine. She is also the host of the weekly live show, Young Female Entrepreneurs.

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