5 Reasons You Should Start a Small Business in 2013

Start your engineThe economy might be struggling and times might be tough for many out there, but arguably there has never been a better time than now to realize your dreams and start up your own business. If you have a new business idea and a realization that there is a need in the market for what you are providing, you will regret any decision not to pursue. Here are five reasons 2013 is a great year for starting your own business, and why it might be easier than you think to find your route to success.

It’s Easier than Ever

Starting new business in our current technological world has never been easier. With professional marketing, accounting and recruiting tools at your fingertips – and remote cloud computing making a viable case to oppose the conventional office – you need not worry about having support. It is right there at your fingertips.

There Are Funding Options Available

Got a brilliant idea you can’t wait to tell the world about? Thankfully today it’s easy to, and with organizations such as Kickstarter, it’s also relatively easy to find funding from almost anywhere. If people like your small business and you put a good enough case forward, the idea of crowdfunding brings ideas and people together and could provide the money you need to get off the ground.

Social Small Businesses

If you want to start a small business within a specific niche and don’t know who to turn to, it’s easy today to find likeminded people with similar attributes and goals. There is an active small business blogging community, Twitter networks and other online forums which make it far easier today to get help. The idea of everyone getting together and promoting small, independent businesses is popular at the moment – so your small business will benefit from the extra attention.

It’ll Open Your Eyes

The sense of creativity starting your own business will give you will open your eyes to new possibilities, opportunities and experiences outside of your normal environment. It takes a certain type of person to start a business; but if you believe in what you have to offer and follow the journey, the benefits this will bring ensures you will become a better, more rounded and open-minded person.


The ‘being your own boss’ cliché is overused and worn out, however there is certainly some truth to it. You will have the independence to make your own decisions, take responsibility alone for your actions and grow your own business along with your personal development at your own speed. You retain control, and also have the ability to work with who you want in whatever capacity you choose. This may at first seem daunting, but the rewards can be large and beneficial not just in a business sense but in a personal one too.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to start your own business, but it today’s economic climate it can seem more daunting than ever. There are lots of people out there however who almost believe the complete opposite, and if you make sure you focus on success, put the hours in to get it and know what you want to achieve from your business venture, you will become a better business person and a better decision maker. You will also have the freedom to choose how you work. What could be better than that?

Jacob HeadshotJacob Little is a copywriter who works for UK Business Funding Solutions. He is passionate about startup news, new businesses and new ventures in a wide range of industries. He is on Twitter

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