13 Virtual Assistant Tools that Will Help You Get Your Tasks Done

toolsManaging a team online is a whole different ball game than managing people face to face. Tasks and projects can easily slip through the cracks, important files are hard to share, and communication is not as simple. To combat these problems, let these virtual assistant tools help:

Team management tools for personal assistant tasks and team projects

  • Basecamp: Through this web tool, make sure everyone is on the same page and up to date with tasks. You can create a project, then make to-do lists within that project and assign to people on your team with a due date. Each to-do list has a message board so that everyone can be kept up to speed.
  • Groupme: This group-messaging app is the perfect way to keep track of group conversations. Create different chats for different groups of people and access the conversations from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Highrise: Referred to as the swiss army knife of virtual assistant tools, Highrise allows you to do everything from sharing important files, managing communication, tracking tasks and setting reminders.


Easy file sharing

  • Dropbox: Share files easily with anyone online using Dropbox. Just create an account and start uploading your files to their secure website. To share your upload, just send a link to your file.
  • Google drive: A favorite among students and business people alike, this cloud storage tool lets you create or upload files that everyone on your team can work on.
  • CamScanner: These days, who has easy access to a fax machine? Instead, let this app make sending a fax quick and easy. Just take a picture of the document(s) and Camscanner creates a PDF file for you to email.


General Virtual Assistant Tools

  • Venmo: Available for both iOS and Andriod, this app is free, easy to use and allows you to securely pay someone using your debit or credit card through the app.
  • Yammer: Think of Yammer as your company’s private social media platform. It provides a social media environment for your employees to collaborate and communicate.
  • GoToMeeting: This tool allows you to easily set up video conference calls with employees. It provides HD video for up to 6 different video feeds and allows you to easily share your screen within the meeting.
  • Join.me: Another great video conferencing tool join.me is free and provides instant collaboration with screen sharing and limitless audio.
  • i done this: Check out this tool that keeps you up to date with your team by tracking progress and receiving quick, daily updates from team members.
  • Skype: The most well-known video chatting app is popular for a reason: it’s free, easy to use and reliable.
  • LastPass: When you want to share a password but don’t actually want the person to see the password, do it with LastPass. It allows them to view important information but still keeps your password private.

Be sure to try one of these tools out for a quick, painless was to set up personal assistant tasks and manage your virtual team.

Elizabeth Duffy is a content writer who works at outsourceanything.net. Her life credo is “Better late than never”. She specializes in writing for newspapers and blogs. Her dream is to become a world-known author and blogger.

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  1. Thanks for the article, Elizabeth. Noticed that this was posted back in 2016 and updated recently. Given that Zoom has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Would you still recommend Skype over it as a conference call app?

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