Tips For Small Business YouTube Marketing

sbdib on youtubeYouTube is a huge social network, partly because you don’t have to be friends with someone to watch a video, partly because people just love watching videos, but also for its search capabilities. Most people prefer to watch and learn, rather than reading to learn, and YouTube is perfect for educating and showing people things. On top of all of that, YouTube is part of Google, which means your videos are more likely to be included in search results on Google. They are also a search engine within themselves, so your video can be “related” to other videos and will be suggested to watch.

“YouTube is actually the biggest social media site, it’s bigger than Facebook or Twitter.”

Find your Niche

Take the time to really learn what YouTube is all about and what works. No matter what your business sells, someone will be interested in it, you just have to find the interesting point of view. For example, if you are a plumber you could make a how-to video on fixing a running toilet or dripping faucet. Create videos that will have an interest to people, entertaining, educational or informative.

Test your Videos

To find the most successful way to market your videos, test some of them out. Put up two videos that are slightly different, maybe the same video with a different thumbnail image. On each video, use a different description, with different keywords targeted to different niche’s and use different tags.  Give the videos some time and see which video generates more views, comments and likes. You can then use this information to apply to future videos.

Check out the Small Businesses Do It Better YouTube channel:

sbdib on youtube

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