How to Convert Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Media Marketing ROI Graph - BlueMany small businesses participate in social media, but not all have a plan and goals that they stick with.  Social media is an important element in a business marketing plan, and can also be the most cost effective.  Getting a good ROI on your social media requires establishing and executing a solid plan and this is a good guide to do so:

Set a goal

Document a finite goal you would like to reach, whether it is increasing sales or brand recognition, creating a community presence, etc. Make your goal specific.

Find your customers

Take advantage of social media analytic tools to find out who your audience is so you can target them more specifically. By knowing this you can really customize your marketing efforts to pull in your demographic.

Offer something good

Prospects and customers want their social media participation with your business to be made worthwhile. By enticing them with exclusive offers or news, they will engage with you and help spread the word.

Execute your plan

Take a look at your goal, target customers and offer and plan how you will make this happen. A plan is not a plan without executing it.

Measure results

Take a look at how your campaign went. Did you meet the specific goal you set out for? Measuring the results will tell you if you need to modify any part of your execution to reach your goals.

We would love to hear your social media marketing strategies, please comment with your methods!

Full article: How to Get Good Social Media ROI
Image courtesy: Alan O’Rourke

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