How to Convert Traffic into Sales with Your Web Copy

KROMKRATHOG-freedigitalphotos.net_In today’s modern age where gadgets and tech are strapped to our fingertips, your website is a vital portal for customers and clients looking to purchase goods and services but with websites so easy to create and competitors championing online stores to the same extent, how can you ensure the individuals who visit your site make it all the way to the checkout?

Incorporating web copy that converts is a basic fundamental of creating a business-focused website but still so many commercial websites aren’t investing the time and effort to craft something that is truly compelling for their target audiences. With these top tips you can get potential customers that visit your website hooked on the very first sentence and create a website that is not only successful when it comes to generating traffic and sales but builds your business’ reputation with the people who matter.

Define Your Copy Needs

With any strategy in business it helps to have a clear aim of what you wish to achieve, the same applies when creating content for your website. Set clear goals about what you wish the web copy on each page to accomplish and then devise a strategy that enables you to realize this. For instance, if you are focusing on producing copy for your contact page, then the purpose of your content may be to get as many inquiries or qualified leads as possible, therefore you must aim to inspire visitors to get in touch with clear lines of communication.

Optimize for Decisions, Not Just for Search Engines

The onus to create content for search engine optimization purposes and to drive visitors to keyword focused pages from search engines is a principle that I’m sure many of you may have encountered in your quest for web copy tips. But it is important to not only make your website search friendly but customer friendly. Ensuring your copy has everything your customer needs to make the right decision is a simple yet effective concept and one that many websites miss a trick on due to their focus on keywords and phrases. Your copy should compel visitors to carry out a specific action so once you have created each sentence or paragraph ask yourself – does it inspire you as a customer to make the decisions you need for conversion as a business?

The 5Ws and an H

This is a basic technique used for any online or offline literature and helps many copywriters create persuasive content that has their core demographic at its heart. The who, what, when, where, why and how can be used to define exactly who your content will be written for, what you want it to achieve, where it will fit into your website, why it is significant to your target audience and how this content in particular will lead to conversions. Asking yourself the 5Ws and an H at every page will lead to well-rounded and effective copy.

Strike the Right Balance

When it comes to creating copy for sales purposes it is important to strike the right balance between generic wording and super pushy content. In my experience, a great mind-set for writing sales copy that doesn’t appear too assertive is to assume that everyone reading your copy doesn’t want to do what you what them to do! Essentially you will look at the content in a new light and be on your way to convey and present your message clearly, interestingly and in a way that convinces the most stubborn visitor that your product or service is the first and last word.

Content & marketing specialist Brittany Thorley works for Think Big Comms, a UK-based PR, marketing and advertising agency with a difference. Using ethnic marketing principles and years of experience, Think Big are proud to represent the professional Polish community around the world and have already carried out over 50 projects since launching six years ago.

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